It can be difficult for foreigners to find a place to stay in Singapore if they don’t want to just stay in a hotel. Picking a Singapore condominium can be bewildering at first. what’s the best location to stay in? What features do you really need for yourself and your family? These tips will help you to find the perfect Singapore Condominium, based on your budget and the reason for your stay.


What sort of price range are you looking for? You can find some nice places in the $3,000 to $5,000 range if you aren’t looking for a large space. That sum will get you a place of around 1,000 sq ft, depending on the district you want to stay in. If your budget is a bit greater, around $15,000 per month, then you can rent somewhere that has a gym, swimming pool, and other amenities. Condominiums, in general, are more affordable than bungalows, and you would need to spend a lot more for a bungalow with a private pool in one of the higher end districts such as Bukit Timah.


While transport in Singapore is quite well developed, it helps if you can stay somewhere close to your work or place of study. If you have kids then look for somewhere that is not too far from the school. You can find detailed area maps and travel guides that will help you to pick out the pros and cons of each district.

Other Local Amenities

Never underestimate how useful it is to have things like a supermarket and doctor’s office nearby. You may not think about those things at home, but when you’re in a new home inĀ Kent Ridge Hill Residences and just learning your way around it’s really helpful to not have to go far for shopping and other basics.

Choosing a Location

The island is full of things to see and do. While it’s quite a small land mass, there are lots of small districts that each have their own personality. For example, Orchard Road is a popular local market, while Raffles Place is generally regarded as being a prime space for offices.

Districts 15 and 16 are in the vicinity of East Coast Park, and they are a popular play area with lots of options for people who are young and active. You can enjoy bowling, windsurfing, canoeing, cycling, and more. Expatriates sometimes choose to live on the East coast because it offers a nice peaceful retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Meanwhile, the east coast offers far more in terms of food choices, as well as having some wonderful sea views.

Districts 9 and 10 have some wonderful residential areas including vintage properties and newer developments. They are well serviced with plenty of shopping amenities, and lots of good dining opportunities too. Demand for condos in this area is high.

Districts 1 to 8 tend to be popular with people who work in the Singapore Business District. There are some nice waterfront condominiums in the area, and there are lots of pubs, clubs and restaurants too.